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The purpose of this Review Page is to give readers the opportunity to express their opinion of A Man You Can Bank On or any other book by Derek Hansen. Reviews can be as long or as short as you wish. To get the ball rolling, there are extracts from reviews by Australian publications. Don’t be intimidated. Your opinion is equally valid.

“Hansen has done it again. A Man You Can Bank On mixes a cast of characters that only he could conceive, an Aussie landscape that is typical of his whimsical perception of his adopted country and a plot that is entertaining and downright funny from the get go.
Congratulations, Derek, on yet another great addition to your growing list of truly unique and entertaining books.
If you are looking for a read that will keep a smile on your face this latest Derek Hansen gem is for you.” -
Peter Trethewey, Sausalito, California

“A great man once said, ‘The true test of good comedy is when you can make an Irishman laugh’. Well, this man laughed, soiled himself and repeated. With fantastic simplicity, poise and dark humour. Derek Hansen put my view of outback Australia into a new category, one where animatronics, jack russells and buried treasure become the side show to the hilarious matinee that is A Man You Can Bank On. In my first outing with Derek I found his writing easy on the retinas, compulsively funny and mildly erotic in the oh so strangest sense. Thoroughly enjoyable and made me want more…of his books, not the outback!”
- Lloyd Mulligan, Offaly, Ireland

“A tale full of real Australian characters – apart from the Irishman and the compulsory American that’s good for future film funding! The main man of the title is often upstaged by other characters – both villains and law abiding citizens – for most of the book, but eventually shows his true worth when it really matters.
Set around the imaginary country town of Munni-Munni that has seen better to worse days, the action alternates between there and Sydney with ten years suddenly disappearing between the end of chapter 1 and the start of chapter 2. Early in the book I thought I knew what the ending would be and was worried that the author would struggle to keep me amused for the remaining 300 odd pages. No need for concern – Derek’s experience as a copywriter of TV commercials keeps the story moving along with new characters and many contortions in the plot. A good easy read that will amuse and entertain you. For further entertainment I suggest that as you immerse yourself in the book imagine which Australian actors you would hire to play the four/five main characters in any future film production – I’m sure Derek will fork out on a prize for the reader who correctly names these lucky thespians – or lesbians as The Bowler would say!
For even more entertainment pick an American actor you hate to play Woody and then imagine the shit being kicked out of him.” – Em, Clareville.

“Derek Hansen continues to be one of Australia’s truly great writers. I just finished reading “A man you can bank on”. He had me from the first page and his unique mixture of wit and drama is truly a joy to behold. His characters have blood in their veins and his wicked humor is second to none. He is a national treasure.
What would make this book even better is (firstly) if they turn it into a movie and (secondly) if he had listened to his mother when she warned him against finishing a sentence with a preposition!!
This will definitely be my go to Chrissy present for friends and family this year. ” – A. Burgis, San Francisco”

“What a great read! A continuation of the evidence of Derek Hansen’s creativity and his quirky sense of humour. I was thoroughly entertained and compelled to tell others of the need to pick this book up and read it.
I enjoyed being able to identify with the events that shaped the book – the various ingenious references to them brought a smile to my face – viz Paladin and the Jack Russells.
I recommend A Man You Can Bank On. I have even bought a copy for each of my overseas-based children to remind them of home and the Australian sense of humour.” – T Walsh, Mosman

“Lambert Hampton has saved the small town of Munni-Munni and everyone loves him. Well, everyone except Big Kev and his henchmen, who had hidden their robbery takings of $3 million near a tree on a stretch of land near the town ten years earlier.
They want that money back now that they’re out of jail.
Add a wiremen, two psychopathic hitmen, ultra-realistic animatronics in the shape of crocodiles, wolves and World War II soldiers, plus a posse of lovable Jack Russell terriers and you’ll be laughing yourself off your chair.
Derek Hansen has a way with violence and humour. There’s a lot of pain inflicted upon people, particularly by the hitmen, known as Irish and The Bowler (don’t ask).
They also work well as a comedy duo in a grim sort of way. The Bowler has a tendency to use the wrong word to describe things, such as prefabricating instead of prevaricating and is always corrected by Irish.
They have a contract to kill Woody the wire tapper and one of the tensions in the story is whether Woody will get out alive.
Hansen, author of several books including Lunch with the Generals, has written an amusing romp full of vicious and eccentric characters. He shows considerable skill in creating complex scenes, as well as a sharp sense of the ridiculous. There is nothing deep and meaningful here but if you’re looking for something funny with bite, then this novel is for you.” – Courier Mail

“Everyone’s a rogue and every one of them is loveable. It’s guffawingly funny, in particular an exchange between a Lebanese gang and Irish, which, seriously, is flawless comic writing.” – Adelaide Advertiser

“Hansen creates a knockabout ocker crime farce with a cast ranging from hit men to Jack Russell terriers. The book is fast paced and quite violent but has a serious argument: what would happen is sensible, imaginative small-town projects got the start-up capital they deserved?….The result is an unusual, amusing thriller.” – Sunday Age

“This is a crime novel couched in realism from advertising exec-turned novelist Derek Hansen.” – Sunday Mail, Brisbane

(Author’s note: Many reviewers use the words “farce” and “romp”, neither of which, in my opinion apply to this novel. It is entertaining and funny, and I’d welcome readers’ suggestions for alternative words. Hey, you can be as creative as you like.)