Hansen…has written an amusing romp full of vicious and eccentric characters. He shows considerable skill in creating complex scenes, as well as a sharp sense of the ridiculous… – Courier Mail

A Man You Can Bank On displays the full array of Hansen’s skills as a storyteller. There’s the drama, tension, intrigue, comedy and a well fleshed-out mix of quirky characters, and a storyline that’s as refreshing as it is entertaining.
Lambert Hampton is the man the small, drought-ravaged country town of Munni-Munni turn to when they uncover $3 million stolen from bookies by ruthless bandits and busied seemingly in the middle of nowhere.
A former bank manager, Lambert uses the money and his considerable entrepreneurial skills to rescue the town and re-establish it on a viable economic footing.
The day of reckoning comes when the crims are released from gaol.
The crims want their money.
The cops want their money.
A rogue investigator wants the money.
And so do Australia’s two most notorious hit men.

In trying to save his town and all he’s achieved, Lambert is forced to risk everything – his life, the lives of town folk, his own daughter, ten thousand barramundi and a really loveable Jack Russell.

A Man You Can Bank On

A former bank manager helps transform three million dollars – stolen from bookies by a ruthless gang of robbers – into a rescue package for his dying town.

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Lunch with a Soldier

A bitter critic of his friends’ insistence on telling true stories, Neil challenges them with a true story of his own.

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Lunch with the Stationmaster

As the events of WWII devastate Hungary, two brothers try to survive with only each other to rely on, while a young girl fights for life in the shadow of certain death.

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Sole Survivor

In this inspiring novel of survival, love and conflict, three loners are forced to come to terms with themselves, each other and the encroaching world.

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Cheryl Bollok had chosen the certainty of riches over the possibility of love and was quite content with this arrangement.

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Something Fishy

If you’ve ever been out on a boat and wondered what those shadows are down deep, lurking on the fringe of visibility, watching you watching them, this book is for you

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Psycho Cat

They’re killers. They’re terrorists. They’re vandals. And so darnn cute and cuddly you want to take them to bed.

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Remember Me

It began innocently. It destroyed innocence forever.
When a twelve-year old boy writes an essay and inadvertently uncovers a wartime secret, he unleashes a chain of events which rips a close community apart, turning neighbour against neighbour, friend against friend.

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Perfect Couple

Sandra and Rowan are the perfect couple – or so it seems. Rowan’s advertising agency is poised on the brink of success, while Sandy pursues her own busy career from home.

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